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$9.00 ea

3 Bond Liquid Gasket

Gasket Cement - 3-Bond #1194 - 100 gram tube - Gray semi-drying type.

Use on gaskets except head gasket and on all surfaces without gaskets.
Part #: CB-70045
$62.00 Kit

Cam Chain Breaker/Riveter Tool Kit for Conventional Cam Chain

Cam Chain Tool Kit in case - a "must have" tool to Break and Rivet cam chains.

Note: Do Not use for rear drive chains.
Part #: CB-70220
$6.00 ea

Replacement Breaker Pin

Replacement Breaker Pin for Kit CB-70220 Breaker Tool.

Replacement Breaker Pin for Cam Chain Breaker Tool.
Part #: CB-70221
$58.00 Set

Compression Tester Set

Cylinder Compression Tester set with quick coupling & release valve. Includes adapters to fit 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, & 18mm Spark plug holes.
Part #: CB-70222
$12.00 ea

Valve Shim Tool for Honda CB750/900

Valve Shim Tool for Honda CB750/900
Part #: CB-70507
$4.00 ea

Valve Lapping Stick

Valve Lapping Stick - 5/8" & 13/16" Diameter Ends, Suction Cup ends. Holds valve face so valve seat can be seated correctly with lapping paste.
Part #: CB-70212
$5.00 ea

Permatex Valve Lapping Paste

Valve Lapping Paste - Permatex

Aids valve grinding and seating operations to remove burrs, surface defects, carbon and corrosion.
Part #: CB-70569
$5.00 ea

Spark Plug Wrench

"Tuck Away" 12mm Spark Plug Wrench. for (1969-78) CB750
Fits 12mm Spark Plugs, 160mm overall, thinwall design allows fit into the deep CB plug holes. Handle Tucks away into socket.
Part #: CB-70092
$11.00 Set

Screw Extractor Set

5pc Screw Extractor Set - used to remove broken off studs, bolts, & screws. Set includes sizes - 1/8", 3/16", 15/64", 5/16", & 3/8"
Part #: CB-70202
$25.00 Set

8pc. Hex Bit Socket Set (140mm.)

8 pc. Driver Set for Allen Socket Screw

Hard to find deep 140mm. Long bits ideal for reaching up
inside lower fork legs and other recessed spots. Kit includes
1/2" drive socket sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 17mm.
Part #: CB-70403
$18.00 Set

Pin Punch Set

8 pc. Metric Pin Punch Set
Set includes small sizes usually not available:
1.5mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm,
6.0 mm, & 8.0 mm in storage case
Part #: CB-70203
$13.00 ea

Flexible Magnet Tool

Flexible Rod with magnetic tip. 23" Long, picks up to 3.5 Lbs.
Part #: CB-70200
$14.00 ea

Lighted Flexible Magnet Tool

29" Long Flex Rod with lighted magnetic Tip.
Part #: CB-70198
$7.50 ea

Mini LED Tool Kit Flexlight

Compact LED flashlight with 5" long flexible lighted tip in plastic carrying case. Ideal addition to your bikes tool kit as a map light or for emergency roadside repair. Low power draw LED bulb provides a bright beam and long battery life from one AAA battery (Not Included).
Part #: CB-70204
$39.00 ea

Timing Light

Inductive Xenon Timing Light. Operates from 12 Volt Battery Power. The only accurate way to set your CB's Timing and check the operation of the advance.
Part #: CB-70094
$139.00 SALE: $135.00 Set

Precision Carb Sync Gauges - Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

4 Gauge Carb Sync Set with build in adjustable Pulse Dampers and mounted on bracket (includes hoses and threaded adaptor set).

Precision Diaphragm type gauge set originally designed for Professional Motorcycle shop use in Japan.

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
Part #: CB-70205
$64.00 Set

Precision Angle Driver Set

Precision Angle driver set (in carrying case) with assorted tips.
A must for setting hidden fuel mixture screws accurately and quickly.
Part #: CB-70206
$14.00 ea

Battery Jumper Cables

100 Amp Battery Cables (8' Long) with alligator clips - For Motorcycle use.
Part #: CB-70207
$42.00 ea

AGM Battery Charger

Deluxe 12 Volt Battery Charger for AGM (Absorbed glass mat), Maintenance free, VRLA, Gel and conventional flooded lead acid batteries.

UL & CSA Approved. Output is 1.25 Amps, 12 volt DC (maximum 14.5 Volts). 4 Stage Microprocessor controlled charging with automatic shutoff at full charge. 120v AC Input.

1. Qualification - Ensures battery is safe to charge, and has minimum 3 Volts.
2. Bulk Charge - Raises battery to 80 percent of full voltage.
3. Absorption - Holds battery voltage at 80 percent and forces current to top battery
4. Float Mode - Maintains the fully charged battery at a proper working voltage.
Charger Features - 6 LED indicators to show charging status, reverse polarity protection, overheat protection, overcharge protection and spark proofing. Full instructions, quick disconnect alligator clip leads and fused eye terminal leads included. (Not for outdoor use).
Part #: CB-70208
$35.00 ea

Digital Multi Tester

Digital Multi Tester, measures DC volts 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V. AC volts to 600V, Ohms 200, 2K, 20K, 200K, 2M, 200M. Amps 2M, 20M, 200M.
Part #: CB-70570
$44.00 ea

LED Charging System Guage

LED Charging system indicator Gauge. Shows Voltage of your alternator rising and falling with RPM and gives a clear indication of your charging systems normal operation and early warning of problems. Gauge is Bright High Quality Chrome plated and clamps onto 7/8" Bars and can be easily wired into any point in the system (before a switched load is best). Can be mounted as shown or to handlebar by clamp (included).

Fits: All Honda CB750's (1969-1986) with 7/8" bars
Part #: CB-70209
$20.00 ea

Terminal Crimper Tool

Metric Terminal Crimper Tool, fastens metric terminals to wires. Professionally Crimps like factory originals.
Part #: CB-70211
$26.00 ea

Safety Wire Pliers

Safety Wire Pliers with return spring mechanism for easy wire twisting.
Part #: CB-70524
$10.00 ea

Alternator Rotor Puller

Alternator Rotor Puller - 20mm x M1.5 Right Hand Thread Puller for pulling internal thread rotors.

Pulls Alternator Rotors on All Honda CB750 (1969-78) SOHC Models.
Part #: CB-70229
$22.00 ea

Piston Pin Puller

Piston Pin Puller with adaptors (13,15,16,19mm. OD).
Part #: CB-70424
$16.00 ea.

Adjustable Holder Tool

Adjustable Holder Tool

Adjustable Clutch, Sprocket & Flywheel holder Tool.
5 & 9 mm pins
Part #: CB-70737
$19.00 Set

Impact Screwdriver with Bit Set

Impact Screwdriver with bit set in case. A must have tool used to break loose engine screws with slot or phillips heads.
Part #: CB-70233
$5.00 Set

Impact Driver Bit Set (Short type)

Impact Driver Bit Set (Short type)

Replacement Driver Bit Set (1.5" Long) - Set contains 2 Phillips & 2 Slotted impact driver Bits.
Part #: CB-70286
$6.00 Set

Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long )

Impact Driver Bit set (Long type)

Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long ) - Set contains 2 Phillips & 2 Slotted impact driver Bits.
Part #: CB-70287
$5.00 ea

Cable Luber - Pressure Type

Cable Luber - Pressure type
Part #: CB-70034
$8.00 ea

Gasket Scraper

30mm wide (1.18") Stainless Steel Gasket Scraper Knife.
Part #: CB-70275
$8.00 ea

Tire Lever - 16" Long Dunlop Type

Tire Lever - 16" Long Dunlop Type
Part #: CB-70276
$8.50 ea

Tire Lever - Fusil Type

Tire Lever - Fusil Type w Chrome Finish
Part #: CB-70623
$4.00 Set

Rim Savers Set

Nylon Rim Savers (Set/2)
Part #: CB-70277
$6.00 Set

Spoke Wrench Set

Spoke Wrench Set - A must have for lacing, truing & tightening spokes.

2Pc. Set - Fits: #8,9,10 & 11 nipple sizes.
Part #: CB-70234
$15.00 ea

Digital Tire Pressure Guage

Digital Tire Pressure Guage, LCD Display, 1-100 PSI.
Part #: CB-70278
$19.00 ea

Clutch & Sprocket Holder Tool

Clutch & Sprocket Holder Tool

Professional adjustable vise grip style clutch basket and sprocket holder tool.
Part #: CB-70239
$8.00 ea

Graduated Cylinder

250 ml Graduated Cylinder - 250cc (1/4 Liter)
Part #: CB-70237
$9.00 ea.

Graduated Cylinder

500cc (1/2 Liter) plastic Graduated Cylinder
Part #: CB-70238
$10.00 ea

Graduated Cylinder

1,000cc (1 Liter) plastic Graduated Cylinder

1 US Quart = 946cc (946ml.)
Part #: CB-70281
$8.00 ea

1 Liter Fluid Flask

1 Liter Fluid Flask

One Liter Fluid Flask with nozzle and lid. Ideal for oil or other fluids.

1 US Quart = 946cc (946ml.)
Part #: CB-70282
$3.00 ea

Shock Ring Wrench

Ring Wrench to adjust shock preload.

Fits: Our shock sets and many other aftermarket shocks.
Part #: CB-70176
$12.00 ea

Oil Filter Wrench

3/8" Drive Tripod Oil Filter Wrench

Fits: Aftermarket Spin-On Cartridge Oil filters (our CB-70509) for all CB750 (1969-78) models.
Part #: CB-70280
$8.00 ea.

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

Wafer-thin Oil Filter Wrench
Part #: CB-70736
$25.00 ea

Drive Chain Breaker Tool

Drive Chain Breaker Tool, breaks 520/530 and 630 pitch chain.
Part #: CB-70240
$5.00 ea

Chain Press Tool

Chain Press Tool Used to press on sideplates (rivet or clip type) onto rear drive chains.

Most late type High strength drive chains now use a press on
sideplate on the connecting link (including IZUMI 530 HT).
Part #: CB-70284
$6.00 ea

Replacement Rivet Pin

Drive Chain Rivet Tool Replacement Rivet Pin - Fits: CB-70525 (Above)
Part #: CB-70399
$16.00 ea

Caliper Piston Tool

Brake Caliper Piston holding/detaching Tool for brake calipers.
Part #: CB-70283
$16.00 ea

Right Angled Snap Ring Plier Set

Right Angled Snap Ring Plier Set - Reaches in deep to remove clips when rebuilding master cylinders.
Part #: CB-70197
$11.00 Set

32 pc Feeler Gauge Set

Feeler Gauge Set - Metric/Inch Feeler Gauge Set for setting valve and contact point clearances. 32pc Set (marked in metric and inch sizes).
0.03mm. - (.001") 0.04mm. - (.0015") 0.05mm. - (.002") 0.06mm. - (.0025")
0.07mm. - (.0028") 0.08mm. - (.003") 0.09mm. - (.0035") 0.10mm. - (.004")
0.13mm. - (.005") 0.15mm. - (.006") 0.18mm. - (.007") 0.20mm. - (.008")
0.23mm. - (.009") 0.25mm. - (.010") 0.28mm. - (.011") 0.30mm. - (.012")
0.33mm. - (.013") 0.35mm. - (.014") 0.38mm. - (.015") 0.40mm. - (.016")
0.45mm. - (.018") 0.50mm. - (0.20") 0.55mm. - (.022") 0.60mm. - (0.24")
0.63mm. - (.025") 0.65mm. - (0.26") 0.70mm. - (0.28") 0.75mm. - (0.30")
0.80mm. - (0.32") 0.85mm. - (0.34") 0.90mm. - (0.36") 1.00mm. - (0.40")
Part #: CB-70215
$9.00 Set

Feeler Gauge Set

Feeler gauge set with 45 degree ends.
Includes Sizes - .008", .010", .012", .013", .014", .015", .016", 018", .019", .020", .025", .026"
Marked in Metric and Inch sizes.
Part #: CB-70216
$2.50 ea

Spark Plug Gapping Tool

Circular Spark plug gap tool. Marked in thousandths of an inch and millimeters.
Part #: CB-70091

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