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$12.00 ea

Valve Shim Tool for Honda CB750/900

Valve Shim Tool for Honda CB750/900
Part #: CB-70507
$5.00 ea

Spark Plug Wrench

"Tuck Away" 12mm Spark Plug Wrench. for (1969-78) CB750
Fits 12mm Spark Plugs, 160mm overall, thinwall design allows fit into the deep CB plug holes. Handle Tucks away into socket.
Part #: CB-70092
$13.00 ea

Flexible Magnet Tool

Flexible Rod with magnetic tip. 23" Long, picks up to 3.5 Lbs.
Part #: CB-70200
$14.00 ea

Lighted Flexible Magnet Tool

29" Long Flex Rod with lighted magnetic Tip.
Part #: CB-70198
$14.00 ea

Battery Jumper Cables

100 Amp Battery Cables (8' Long) with alligator clips - For Motorcycle use.
Part #: CB-70207
$35.00 ea

Digital Multi Tester

Digital Multi Tester, measures DC volts 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V. AC volts to 600V, Ohms 200, 2K, 20K, 200K, 2M, 200M. Amps 2M, 20M, 200M.
Part #: CB-70570
$16.00 ea.

Adjustable Holder Tool

Adjustable Holder Tool

Adjustable Clutch, Sprocket & Flywheel holder Tool.
5 & 9 mm pins
Part #: CB-70737
$6.00 Set

Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long )

Impact Driver Bit set (Long type)

Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long ) - Set contains 2 Phillips & 2 Slotted impact driver Bits.
Part #: CB-70287
$5.00 ea

Cable Luber - Pressure Type

Cable Luber - Pressure type
Part #: CB-70034
$4.00 Set

Rim Savers Set

Nylon Rim Savers (Set/2)
Part #: CB-70277
$19.00 ea

Clutch & Sprocket Holder Tool

Clutch & Sprocket Holder Tool

Professional adjustable vise grip style clutch basket and sprocket holder tool.
Part #: CB-70239
$8.00 ea

1 Liter Fluid Flask

1 Liter Fluid Flask

One Liter Fluid Flask with nozzle and lid. Ideal for oil or other fluids.

1 US Quart = 946cc (946ml.)
Part #: CB-70282
$3.00 SALE: $2.25 ea

Shock Ring Wrench

Ring Wrench to adjust shock preload.

Fits: Our shock sets and many other aftermarket shocks.
Part #: CB-70176
$8.00 ea.

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

Wafer-thin Oil Filter Wrench
Part #: CB-70736
$25.00 ea

Drive Chain Breaker Tool

Drive Chain Breaker Tool, breaks 520/530 and 630 pitch chain.
Part #: CB-70240
$5.00 ea

Chain Press Tool

Chain Press Tool Used to press on sideplates (rivet or clip type) onto rear drive chains.

Most late type High strength drive chains now use a press on
sideplate on the connecting link (including IZUMI 530 HT).
Part #: CB-70284
$16.00 ea

Caliper Piston Tool

Brake Caliper Piston holding/detaching Tool for brake calipers.
Part #: CB-70283
$24.00 SALE: $18.00 ea

Right Angled Snap Ring Plier Set - Internal Circlip Pliers - Master Cylinder Internal Snap Ring FREE SHIPPING

Right Angled Snap Ring Plier Set - Internal Circlip Pliers - Master Cylinder Internal Snap Ring - Top Performance Tool


Reaches in deep to remove clips when rebuilding master cylinders.

Remove and replace small to medium internal snap rings up to 50mm deep.

Replaces Honda Tool Part Number: 07914-SA50001

Equivalent to Motion Pro Part Number: 08-0279

Replaces Kowa Tool: AKS-316-2010
Part #: CB-70197
$3.50 ea

Spark Plug Gapping Tool

Circular Spark plug gap tool. Marked in thousandths of an inch and millimeters.
Part #: CB-70091

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