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Honda Brake, Clutch, Frame & Body

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$12.00 ea

Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Brake Switch - Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Type . 10mm. x M1.00 with 24" Lead.

Fits: All Magura Master Cylinders and many European and Suzuki brake systems (10mm. X M1.00 thread). Must use a single hose type banjo bolt. Brake switch bolt can be fitted anywhere from the master cylinder to the caliper and is actuated by hydraulic pressure.
Part #: CB-70190
$15.95 ea

Front Brake Switch - Hydraulic Brake Light Switch- Honda & Yamaha OEM Ref. #35350-300-006/016

Honda CB750 69-77... & Yamaha Front Brake Switch - Hydraulic Brake Light Switch - OEM Ref. #35350-300-006/016
10mm x M1.25 thread

Fits: Front Brake on CB750K (1969-77)
CB750F (1975-76)
CB750A (1976)

Also Fits:
Honda 1972 CB350F
Honda 1974 CB350F1
Honda 1973 CB350G
Honda 1974 CB360
Honda 1974 CB360G
Honda 1975 CB360T
Honda 1976 CB360T
Honda 1975 CB400F
Honda 1976 CB400F
Honda 1977 CB400F
Honda 1970 CB450
Honda 1971 CB450
Honda 1972 CB450
Honda 1973 CB450
Honda 1974 CB450
Honda 1971 CB500
Honda 1972 CB500
Honda 1973 CB500
Honda 1975 CB500
Honda 1976 CB500
Honda 1974 CB550
Honda 1975 CB550
Honda 1976 CB550
Honda 1977 CB550
Honda 1978 CB550
Honda 1975 CB550F
Honda 1976 CB550F
Honda 1977 CB550F

Also Fits:

1975 RD250
1973-1975 RD350
1976-1978 RD400
1973-1974 TX500
1974 TX650
1973-1974 TX750
1975 XS500
1975-1976 XS650
Part #: CB-70006

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